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Let's Make Learning Fun

Hooked on Shopping RETAIL THERAPY


Let Me Show Your Child How to Develop a Brilliant Learning Routine by Improving Their:

Learning Stretegies

Get Those Test Marks Up

School Confidence

Getting Their Mind Set Right

Test Writing

Best Test Writing Strategies

Time Management

Organisation Leads to Successful Learning


I founded Hooked on Learning when I realized that there were too many children being left behind in our schools. I am a firm believer that ALL children have the ability to succeed, when shown how. Schools, do not show children how to develop effective learning routines, and so many children fall between the cracks purely because they have not been taught the correct study skills. I develop these skills in children, and I help them to reach their full potential. I write books, online courses and offer Educational Coaching to groups. I graduated from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, with a teaching qualification and remedial specialization. I have been in education for 25 years, and I'm still very passionate about getting school children to succeed and thrive at school. I got involved with study skills and educational coaching 15 years ago, and nothing makes me happier than helping children to become empowered in their scholastic lives. I am very lucky to be living in the gorgeous city of Cape Town, with my daughter. I recently moved to Somerset West, and love living nestled in between the sea, mountains, and wine farms. I will never take my beautiful environment for granted. When I am not writing, testing little cherubs, or off on speaking engagements, I am but a meek slave to 3 very demanding CATS!!!

I Aim to Develop the Love of Learning in Your Child

My books, online courses and blog are all geared towards helping your child become a successful scholar. I work hard at instilling the love of learning in your child.

Set Your Mind to It: Teens

Set Your Mind to It: Jnr


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Set Your Mind To IT

The 'Set Your Mind to It' series, is aimed at helping your child to reach their full potential. Both the junior and senior edition are bursting at the seems with practical tips, interactive activities and usable worksheets - everything a child needs in order to achieve great marks at school.

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The Rocky Road to Adulthood

The Rocky Road Road to Adulthood expertly guides parents into a deeper relationship with their teen. Imagine being able to quell your child's out-of-control behavior by making a few minor adjustments to your parenting style. Covering everything from brain development to conflict management.

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Body Sense

If you have a daughter, who is about to hit puberty, then this is the book for her. Body Sense, very gently let's your daughter know what to expect when it comes to body changes, menstruation, breast development and much, much more. Making the journey into puberty a little less scary.

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